Natural Aesthetics & Spa Treatments

Organic Facial Rituals   (60 minutes)   $85 , (90 minutes) $125 , $65 (60 minutes), $100 (90 minutes) VIP
Our facials use Eminence Organic handmade skincare  products from Hungary to address a wide variety of skin conditions - hyperpigmentation, acne, hormonal skin problems, & anti-aging. Live, active organic vegetable and fruit purees help to detoxify, hydrate, plump, and glorify your skin. All facials include a thorough skin care analysis, steam, exfoliation, extractions, treatment masque, hand and arm massage, neck and shoulder massage, and our signature Radiance facial massage. 90 minute organic facial also includes an additional treatment masque, 15 minute facial massage, and scalp massage. 
Advanced treatment options include natural chemical peels, pear and poppyseed microdermabrasion, and our Hungarian paprika detoxifying & plumping facial, all with no additional cost. 
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Mini Organic Facial or Peel   (30 minutes)   $45, $36 VIP
An express version of our luxurious facial includes a skin care analysis, exfoliation, holistic facial massage, and hand and arm massage.   The mini chemical peel helps with hyper pigmentation, boosts collagen production, assists with acne & acne scarring, and give your skin an amazing glow. Please Note: The mini peel is only available after a client has received a full 1-hour facial with a thorough skin care analysis.

Diamond Microdermabrasion
Get your glow with our microdermabrasion using real crushed diamonds and suction! Minimize wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring while stimulating collagen and elastin production for a younger look.  Our diamond microderm delivers results with less side effects and harshness than crystal microderm.    

Microdermabrasion with Organic Facial or Peel   (60 minutes)   $125, $100 VIP
Includes facial cleansing ; skin analysis & education; Diamond microdermabrasion on face, neck, & decollete; peel or exfoliant; extractions (time permitting);  antioxidant mask; facial massage; neck & shoulder massage; serum & sunscreen application.  

Microdermabrasion with Express Organic Facial   (30 minutes)   $95, $76 VIP
Includes facial cleansing ; skin analysis & education; Diamond microdermabrasion on face, neck, & decollete;  antioxidant mask; neck & shoulder massage; serum & sunscreen application.

Quick Lift Facial (30 minutes) $100, $80 VIP
This treatment includes a peel or enzyme, spot microdermabrasion to target problem areas, blackhead removal on the nose, microcurrent non-invasive face lift, and neck and shoulder massage.

Inner Radiance Facelift Massage   (30 minutes)   $45, $36 VIP
Our unique blend of ancient traditions from Hungary, China, & India, used to tone and tighten the face and relax wrinkles to create a visibly more youthful face. 

East Indian Scalp Massage   (30 minutes)   $45, $36 VIP
Massage of the scalp, neck & shoulders based on an ancient Ayurvedic tradition to promote relaxation and balance to the mind & body.

Facial Enhancements   (During Your Facial Treatment)
Eye Treatment helps exfoliate, brighten, hydrate, and firm the eye area   $15, $12 VIP

Lip Treatment helps exfoliate, smooth, soften, and plump up the lip area   $15, $12 VIP
Both Eye & Lip Treatment   $25, $20 VIP
Microcurrent Non-Invasive Facelift   $30, $24 VIP
A gentle, electrical stimulation is applied to give your face an instant, visible lift while helping to detoxify, heal, and smooth out wrinkles.
Advanced Illuminating Peel   $30, $24 VIP
An advanced peel using fruit and flower acids and an arctic berry peptide that helps reduce hyperpigmentation while firming the skin and smoothing out wrinkles.  It is a non-invasive peel with no down-time that is safe for all skin types, including senstive. 
Organic Sugar Scrub exfoliate and soften your skin.  Hands or Feet $10 each, $8 VIP  Hands & Feet $15, $12 VIP
Brightening & Firming Hand Treatment $10, $8 VIP
Lighten & firm hyperpigmented hands with our Yam & Pumpkin peel and microcurrent to leave hands looking younger and brighter.  

Advanced Skin Care Treatments
Dermaplaning Add-on to Any Organic Facial $40 $32 VIP, Partial Dermaplaning/Men's Dermaplaning  $20, $16 VIP
Dermaplaning, also called Epidermal Leveling, is an excellent treatment for freshening and revitalizing skin. During the procedure, one of our Licensed Aestheticians carefully exfoliates the top layer of the skin with a surgical blade. This process removes dead skin cells, peach fuzz, and stimulates collagen growth.  There is no down-time; you can immediately return to your busy schedule.  After dermaplaning, topical products are more efficiently absorbed into the skin and lines and wrinkles are reduced.  It is recommended that dermaplaning be done on a monthly basis to ensure results.  

Dermaplane Only  (20 minutes)   $70, $56 VIP 
Includes facial cleansing, dermaplaning on face, organic antioxidant serum, moisturizer & sunscreen application.  

*Dermaplane Facial with Advanced Illuminating Peel  (75 minutes )  $115, $79 VIP **As seen on Groupon**
This advanced treatment delivers powerful results with no down-time.  It includes an organic facial, including skin care analysis, Advanced Illuminating Peel, dermaplaning,  treatment masque, hand and arm massage, neck and shoulder massage, and our signature Radiance facial massage. Skin is left radiant, firm, brightened, and smooth.
Dermaplane with Advanced Illuminating Peel (45 minutes) $115$92 VIP

*Organic Facial Rejuvenation Package (75 minutes)   $175 ($195 value),  $129 VIP **As seen on Groupon**
Enjoy a rejuvenating facial treatment starting with organic exfoliation or peel, diamond-tip microdermabrasion to smooth out wrinkles, organic firming masque, lifting and tightening non-invasive facelift, 3-step organic eye and lip treatment to plump lips and firm eyes, followed by our signature Inner Radiance Facelift Massage. This luxurious treatment also includes a hand, arm, neck, and shoulder massage.  This treatment has been described as "better than Botox!"  and is a beautiful, natural alternative to more invasive treatments. Recommended as a series to maintain results.  

For those that are looking for more powerful results beyond what is found in our natural, organic line, we now offer Circadia products and treatments by renown skin care pioneer and researcher Dr. Peter Pugliese.

SWiCH™ Dermal Rejuvenation
  (60 minutes)   $195, $100 VIP
A professional treatment to help “switch”on your skin’s repair system and boost collagen and elastin production, while correcting hyperpigmentation.  Includes neck, shoulder, and scalp massage, as well as your choice of two hand or foot treatments, and post-treatment kit.  A series of 4-6 is recommended for lasting results.  

Gentle Waxing & Facial Threading

We use an all-natural wax  that is gentle to the skin. It adheres only to the hair - not to the skin - and uses a lower temperature to deliver gentle, yet thorough, results. Our wax is less painful than a traditional wax and is a great option for all skin types. It is one of the industry leaders in professional waxes. We also use an organic toner and all-natural oil to prepare your skin for waxing.

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal for the entire face that originated in India and the Middle East.  It delivers extremely precise hair removal for incomparable shaping of the eyebrows.  It is also a very gentle on the skin, as it removes the hair from the root without affecting the skin.

Eyebrows   $15 (Men & Women), $12 VIP
Upper Lip   $10, $8 VIP
Cheeks   $15, $12 VIP
Chin   $10, $8 VIP
Full Face (including eyebrows)   $50, $40 VIP
Men's Full Back $60, $48 VIP
Men's Upper Back $30, $24 VIP
Men's Half Arm $40, $32 VIP
Men's Chest $30, $24 VIP
Women's Brazilian $60, $48 VIP
Women Full Bikini $40, $32 VIP
Women's Bikini Line $30, $24 VIP
Women's Full Arm $40, $32 VIP
Women's Half Arm $30, $24 VIP
Women's Full Legs $80, $64 VIP
Women's Upper Legs $50, $40 VIP

Pre-pay for any 5 services, get the 6th one FREE.  

Massage & Body Treatments

Massage   (60 minutes)  $75  $60, $40 VIP  (90 minutes) $105  $90, $60 VIP 
Deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, myofascial and other modalities of massages to help you relax and release tension in your body. Discounts available for chiropractic patients.
Join our VIP program and receive your massages for $40!

Flower Essence Aromatherapy Massage   (60 minutes)   $90  $75, $52 VIP
Featuring Phoenix-owned & internationally recognized Lotus Wei flower essences. Experienced therapists take you on a sensory journey with flower essences customized to you.  Includes a relaxing massage with your choice of Lotus Wei flower essence body oil and aromatherapy mist, followed by a flower essence elixir to balance and lift your mood.

Indulge Massage   (60 minutes)   $115, $79 VIP **As seen on Groupon**
Includes a relaxing massage with your choice of Lotus Wei flower essence body oil and aromatherapy mist, followed by a flower essence elixir to balance and lift your mood.  Also includes organic scalp treatment and warm shea butter treatment for hands & feet for the ultimate indulgent massage. 

Hot Stone (60 minutes) $90  $75, $60 VIP
Hot stone massage is a variation on classic massage therapy. Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on key points on the body. The massage therapist may also hold the stones and use them to massage certain areas of the body.

Massage Enhancements
Hydrating Warm Soy Delicious Candle Treatment for Hands or Feet - $10, $8 VIP both $15, $12 VIP
Massage treatment h
elps soften calluses & hydrate the skin using and warm booties.  
Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment $10, $8 VIP
Scalp massage using organic coconut oil and Lotus Wei flower essence oils to relax and balance the scalp and nourish hair.
Flower Essence Aromatherapy - $15, $12 VIP
Uplift your massage using Lotus Wei flower essence oils customized to balance & lift your mood. 

Upgrade any massage from 60 to 90 minutes for just $30


Initial Visit - $100
1 hour and 30 minutes. Includes in-depth consultation, acupuncture session with needles and/or cupping, gua sha, or tui na; post-session consultation and recommendations.

Series of three (3) follow-up visits - $65 each, individually $85 

Wellness & Transformational Coaching Services

These sessions help you to improve health & skin concerns by examining possible causes to them on a body, mind and spirit level.  Dietary recommendations are given to ensure that you are nourishing with the right foods. Life coaching guides you to make the mental and self-care changes to create true radiance and well-being.

Aging Analysis   $100, $80 VIP
Learn how your body is aging through our BIA (Biometric Impedence Analysis) and an aging questionnaire, and receive nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help you increase your vitality to look and feel younger. 

Holistic Beauty & Optimal Aging Counseling   $75/hour, $60/hour VIP
These sessions help you to improve health and skin concerns by examining possible causes to them on a body, mind, and spirit level.  You will learn what skin care, self-care, and mental changes to make to create true radiance and well-being and to slow down and enjoy the aging process! Holistic Nutrition Counseling   $75/hour Receive coaching and guidance to ensure that you are nourishing your body with the right foods to increase beauty, longevity, and well-being.

Biomeridian Energetic Health Assessment   $100/test, $80/test VIP
Based on the ancient Chinese meridian system, Biomeridian helps determine whether your body is balanced, stressed, or weakened in 17 organ systems. You will be able to see where your skin and health conditions may stem from  You will be given a consultation and treatment plan and will return after one month for a post test to determine your progress.

BIA (Biometric Impedence Analysis)   $25/test, $20/test VIP
A powerful tool used to measure how well your body is aging, how well your cells are absorbing nutrients and water, and to determine your body composition.

Food  & Environmental Sensitivity Testing
  $100-$150/test, $80-$120/test VIP
Many skin conditions and health problems may stem from food & environmental sensitivities. Our non-invasive testing helps you identify what these may be for you.

Packages & Discounts

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* Indicates Inner Radiance Spa's Signature treatments. These treatments are the best of our spa, featuring organic treatments that deliver an enhanced experience and results unique to us.

Spa Policies
We have a 24 hour cancellation policy on all spa treatments.  If you need to cancel your appointment, please let us know 24 hours ahead, or you will be charged a cancellation fee.  For first time clients, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your treatment time to fill out your intake form for your customized treatment.  If you have been to our spa before, please arrive 5-10 minutes early to ensure that you will receive your full treatment time.  Late arrivals will receiving the remaining time left in their appointment time.  Thank you for your understanding as we strive to provide the best service to you while respecting our practitioner's time.  We encourage you to come early and relax to fully enjoy your spa experience!